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Over 30 years of maintenance and flight instruction experience!

Here at Flap-Air we strive for honesty, integrity safety and customer satisfaction.  Whether you are buying a helicopter, taking flight lessons, or using our other commercial services, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards.  We provide a home town feel, friendly staff and over 30 years of maintenance and flight instruction experience.

Our staff has completed all factory training courses, and continues to expand our skills and knowledge through continued education of classes and training to provide you with the highest level of services possible.



Our helicopters are maintained in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration's (FAR's) and Robinson Helicopter Company maintenance instructions by our qualified and school-trained mechanics.


SAFETY TIPS: Helicopters, while being a safe and fun way to tour the city, also have important safety measures that must be adhered to. The most important things to remember when around a helicopter is to never approach nor exit away from the rear. Always listen to your pilot and the safety tips they provide. Never open the door in mid-flight, or stick or throw anything out the window.

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