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Trey became interested in helicopters the spring of 1982 while working as a flagger for a spray helicopter.  As a flagger, many of the rides to the pasture were in the helicopter and after that he was hooked.  In the fall of 1982 he was enrolled in A&P School at TSTI in Amarillo working towards his aircraft technician degree, also known as an Airframe and Powerplant license.  During this time he also started helicopter pilot training at Amarillo Helicopters.


Trey purchased his first helicopter, a used R22 standard in January of 1986.  He obtained his commercial license June 5, 1987 and began commercial operations, June 6, 1987 by selling helicopter rides at the annual “Cow Calling Contest,” in Miami, Texas.  In July 1990, he finished his instructor’s license and began teaching students to fly.  Since that time Flap-Air Helicopter Service has passed 15 commercial and 34 private pilots.


Along with flying, Trey became a dealership and maintenance service center for Robinson Helicopter Company in Torrance, California selling and maintaining the R22, R44 and R66 helicopters.  Currently Flap-Air maintains over 40 helicopters spread out over four states.  Trey has logged over 9000 hours as a pilot as well as thousands of hours in helicopter maintenance.


Anita is a graduate of Hotchkiss High School in Hotchkiss, Colorado and went on to attend Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado graduating with a Comprehensive Physical Education degree with a minor in coaching.  She taught and coached for several years, before meeting Trey and moving to Canadian, Texas in 1990.  After her move to Canadian, she took over all the Flap-Air books as well as helping with maintenance and day to day operations until 2012 when the company hired a full time secretary and mechanic.  She continues to stay involved in the day to day operations of Flap-Air.


Instrumental in our business the past 30 years has been our four kids, who have put in many hours helping turn wrenches on helicopters, washing, waxing, office work and helping with grounds maintenance as well as some commercial work for us.  Each of them has their private helicopter licenses as well as the two boys are commercial pilots.

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